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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Full Metal Hurricane
  • Premiered: 2005-04-03
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    • Scorpions with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Rock You like a Hurricane
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  • Comments: As soon as I watched Full Metal Alchemist, it became my favourite anime and I had to create an AMV worthy of the anime's legacy.
    I believe that I succeeded in that with this video, which I consider the best I ever created until now. It follows the anime's chronological order(well,not exactly as you realise by watching the video)beginning with the fight in Lior,making a flashback to the first adventures of Al and Edward after the second became Full Metal Alchemist and showing us the tragic story of Nina.Then,it continues with episodes 16+ and after a lot of fights and cries ends with the discovery of the Philosopher's Stone.

    It has a lot of spoilers and it's better to see it after having seen the anime,which I really recommend to every anime fan.
    Concerning the music,I just love this song although quite old.A strong music was the best for this type of video.
    As you can see,I used Movie Maker 2 to make this amv and it pissed me over a hundred of times because of the usual crashes.As a result,I spent almost two months in order to cut the scenes which have subtitles(Oh god,I don't even want to remeber these days!!!!) and then place it in such a order that will match with the song.Concerning effects,a lot of fades,as in the majority of my videos.

    Please,I would really appreciate every opinion given since I am new to video editing and I still have a lot to learn!!!

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