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  • Member: Aucifiel
  • Title: Caelum
  • Premiered: 2005-04-02
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    • marianne Amplifier feat.yuka 悲しい予感
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  • Comments: So, after watching the just finished series Air, I went ahead to make this amv. Actually, before I finished watching it, I was motivated to make one with the sources I had. Since the anime series has very good graphics..and I mean, very good for the anime quality, I was inspired to make the amv at any cost. The OST of the song is from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase ED. Surprisingly that ending was much more sentimental then the opening *nudgenudge*. After some rough audio/video match up with the song and video clip, it felt as if the combination was meant to be.

    And off went the amv production after seeing that I have only 10-12 days to make it in time for the Anime North Amv Contest 2005. Was a bit rushed and also trying out new skills with Vegas 5.0. Ran out of good clips and ideas on the way but managed to fill everything in with some eye-popping editing. Kills my weekend and the rendering took a hell of a long time. The codec was corrupted and drove me insane giving me glitches every second. Wasted a day fixing it. But gladly I was able to use the old technique to rid myself of those subtitles.

    This is probably my third complete amv I've made ever since I discovered what it was. Not too big of a fan though, just want to make a little impression of having the audio and video come together. Spend a lot of time and effort on this one....hope it comes across that way too.

    Sorry for the big file size, I rendered it to mpg and it added 15mb O_O;; think I'll stick with the wmv.'s Air O_O...good graphics ....w00t ... o_o;

    =Opinions? >_> ........=

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