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  • Member: Cool Fire Bird
  • Title: Slayers Next
  • Premiered: 1998-07-12
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  • Song:
    • Pat Benetar Invincible
  • Anime:
  • Comments: wai! My frist Slayers Music video.

    Anime: Slayers NEXT last 7 epsiodes
    (watch only if you've seen the season!)
    Song: Invincible
    Main: Lina, Gourry,
    (Made this video mostly for him),
    and The Lord of Nightmares
    Time: 5:29
    Size: 15 MB
    Type: RM

    Voices: For those who can't understand japanese, heres what Phibrizzo says.
    Phibrizzo-sama "Still you surprised me...And now for that I shall have to punish you."
    The rest can be understood because of the subtitles ^ ^
    Music Video: I looooovvveeee Phibrizzo. So I made this video for him even with Gourry and Lina as part of the main target for this video.
    Stupid Logos: None. There is subtilte text though. sorry.
    Mood of the Music Video: A very fast beat in some places of the song. Oh and the music sounds pretty bad at frist with the opening but when the real music video starts it's MUCH better(Some editing problems).
    Music: The song is very good. Nice beat.

    I think it's weak in some parts, but still much better then most Slayer Music videos I find on the web. But I have'nt looked everywhere yet!

    Well what I've noticed in most Slayer Videos is that the music videos have no...theme. They just stick a whole buch of fighting in it and mostly just run a long part of the Slayer charatcer's fighting one guy of one episode. It's REALLY boring. So I made a video with a Theme and just about 7 episodes worth of film. ^ ^

    This video is for a char that unfairly got only 7 episodes...7!! UGH! He's much cooler then 7 episodes worth! Also I think his death was a bit unfair. I think the Slayer writers got stuck....ah well...


    Oh and sometimes the link dose'nt work(Stupid Geocities) so sometimes you'll have to wait and come back later.

    Click right and save a to get it. You can't just veiw it. It won't work.

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