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  • Member: Nny
  • Title: Peace
  • Premiered: 2005-03-27
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    • A Perfect Circle Peace, Love, and Understanding
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  • Comments: The series (Infinite Ryvius) is much like the book Lord of the Flies; The adults on a spaceship die, and the kids are left to create their own society on it (And, like in Lord of the Flies, the society is a violent one). This video focuses on one person inside the ship who is after peace. However, when the other people do something so horrible, can he really hold onto his pacifist nature?

    *Spoiler of the AMV*
    Just to make clear, the girl at the begining, the girl with long hair (I.E. :23-:26), and the girl getting grouped on (1:53-2:00) are all the same girl. The girls that are pushing her around end up killing her.

    However, since her death doesn't actually happen in the series, it was difficult finding clips that go along with her being killed. Tried to do the best I could at it.

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