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  • Member: StudioKZ
  • Studio: Studio KZ
  • Title: Major Tom
  • Premiered: 2000-08-17
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    • David Bowie Space Oddity
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  • Comments: This video started out as a riff on a very popular and good video featuring a similar song about Major Tom by Peter Schilling and using video gleaned from the Ah My Goddess/Mini-goddesses series.

    That video was particularly good, but it had two problems, imho... One, the video was too funny, considering the song, and Two, the Anime used in the video was a particularly easy find, it was like that episode had been written with that song in mind in the first place.(Either that, or Apollo 13, but either way.)

    So, with that in mind, I decided to make a version of it myself that was more dramatic, but Intentionally So (That is, taking a series that wasn't particularly geared towards High-Drama and making it Over-Dramatic, almost to the point of being Corny).

    The first step in doing this was to use the other Major Tom song: Space Oddity by David Bowie. This is even less upbeat than the Schilling one. The Series I ended up selecting was the Original Macross, which I have a 1st Gen tape copy off of the Japanese LaserDisc... So I selected a series of sequences that seemed to go well with the Lyrics.

    Over all, this video took maybe a week from start to finish(I know, I have no life). Finished now, there are a few scenes that, while appropriate, are a little too sappy, and a few scenes that are a little too corny, so I guess it turns out to be a Corn Syrup vid, which is basically what I was shooting for in the first place.

    One amusing thing about this video is that if you substitute the Peter Schilling song for the David Bowie song, all of the footage still matches up with only a few exceptions, despite the fact that the only thing the two songs have in common is their subject matter.


    The downloadable format that this is available in is *not* optimal... it's not even very good. Unfortunately, at the time that I created this, I was still using Avid Cinema, which has its own way of doing things, and no flexibility. The resulting file is an Apple Quicktime 3.0 format file using the Cinepak codec and running at 15 fps. ... ugh.. not gonna get high marks on that one. Unfortunately, I've long since lost the original master, so to do a better encode, I'd have to redo the whole thing. ... Which is not entirely out of the question, since I still love this video concept. Of course, this being my fourth AMV ever, I think I'd probably have to update and fix it, adding things that I wanted but didn't know how to do then, before I'd be happy re-releasing it.

    Download it anyway... Please? ^_^

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