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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Title: Random Acts...
  • Premiered: 2005-05-27
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    • AC/DC Highway To Hell
    • Rhapsody Dawn of Victory
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  • Comments: This video was created for the 2005 Anime North Challenge Contest.
    The challenge was to make a video that was exactly 1 minute in length, with points deducted for every (full) second you went over or under that time constraint.

    I decided to go with an idea i had been toying with for a while, for a series of short 'other' amvs. They would be a collection of random scenes from various animes that would fall into a certain category. I thought maybe i could throw a few of those themes together, with fewer scenes than i was originally planning for each, and make a one minute video out of the lot of them.

    I had more themes, but I settled on these three "Random Acts": reckless driving, ownage, and stupidity. I decided the static buffer between sections would be best for separating them. Nothing fancy for the titles, just white text on a black background. I was originally planning to have instrumental music on each of them, but that didn't work out for different reasons. For "reckless driving", it seemed more appropriate to actually hear the words 'highway to hell' during the scene. It just worked better than the instrumental part of the song on all levels. For "ownage", it is instrumental, but I decided I wanted the sound effects from the video sources to help emphasise the action and the true ownage of each scene :P. For "Stupidity", I had a few choices in scene to put there, they were all kind of long, and the comedy in each of them was at least partly in the words, thus I didn't feel I should have any kind of other music playing over top of it (although it makes it seem like I just copped out at the end and just threw in a 17 second scene :P). I picked that scene from Azumanga out of the other choices because I liked it best :).

    It's not a traditional AMV, and I'm not sure how it will be received, but for what it is, it's made to my own liking. Special thanks again to dschlag007 for all the help.

    This video will not be available until after it premieres at Anime North 2005, which takes place at the end of May. Look forward to it! :D If it is well received and I feel like it, I may actually get around to making the series.... maybe


    If anyone was wondering: No, I didn't win anything for this video, and I didn't even make it to the finals. Which is fine, because there were actually several really well done, and hilarious, entries in this challenge category.

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