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  • Member: misiorysio
  • Studio: lucasartz
  • Title: Behind Ryouga's Eyes
  • Premiered: 2004-05-01
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  • Song:
    • Limp Bizkit Behind Blue Eyes
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my first AMV. I heard the song Behind Blue Eyes on the radio and after listening to the lyrics I found that they described Ryouga very accurately - so I made an AMV ;) It's a bit long and if you haven't seen Ranma and/or felt Ryouga's pains you probably won't enjoy it.

    As this was my first attempt at making an AMV, serious bits and humorous bits are mixed together, which perhaps doesn't suit the song. The song is serious, but the anime isn't... so that's how it ended up like that :)

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