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  • Members: haruka_michiru36, angelmk19g
  • Studio: Anime Butterfly Productions
  • Title: 4 Season
  • Premiered: 2005-03-23
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    • W-inds 4 Season
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  • Comments: This music video is base on Haruka and Michiru

    Yes once again we see the love and the passion they have for each other, in the begining you would see how Neptune save Haruka from Danger, but yet she hurts herself, she tells Haruka she's sorry for telling her ETC

    But then again they are lovers and it's really hard to tell someone they have feelings for them, and it was really hard for Haruka to take the truth of herself as a senshi.
    Then again we can't never tell anyone who we are beside breaking down and crying about it.

    In the middle of the music video you would see Anio Minako and Baka-chan Usagi asking Haruka about her relationship with Michiru, but yet again Haruka makes the two girls thing that Haruka is a cute male who's hasn't got a girl firend.
    Kind of funny on how the rest of the senshi finds out that Haruka is really a female and breaks down in sharm.

    I wasn't in a good mood when I made this so there may be a little clips jump in, so don't worry isn't really that big of a problem.
    Beside nothing more can go past than this you know?
    Anyway I really wished was Haruka was not always running away from her destiny, and it's not fun it's stupid.....

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