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  • Member: -M_X_R-
  • Studio: -M_X_R- [PRODUCTIONS]
  • Title: Tempting
  • Premiered: 2005-03-22
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    • Paul Haslinger Bank Meltdown
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  • Comments: 5th Entry - 4th Complete AMV - 2nd Short Instrumental

    "Tempting" - Watch first then read the *Spoilers* section, it explains it all for the most part..

    Ever since "Red Ramble" I've tried to stress the fact and meaning of music videos in general to myself, and everything that I've learned from other people(friends, relatives, etc..) And that was that music videos tell a story, and how that video goes about doing it depends on wether or not it will be good, or not, at least as far as serious and really good AMVs that I've seen go. I tried my up-most creativity to try and do just that with "Tempting." Thatís also why I didn't stress to get a good source for my footage, but to instead concentrate on what I was trying to tell as far as a diff, or alternate relationship and point of view regarding Ryu, Akuma, and the Dark Hadou.

    *Spoilers* (Be warned.. so watch first to be on the safe side please..)

    For those who haven't seen the movie, you can probably already guess that Ryu is without a doubt good in a Street Fighter movie, animation, or what not, and you'd be right, he was indeed in this movie, and what I was trying to tell.. was something completely different. I came up with the idea that the Dark Hadou was something Ryu was actually striving for and trying to harness - that he was tempted by in other words, and that Akuma wasn't actually the bad guy, but the mysterious mentor who would pass down his knowledge to Ryu in a sense, I won't go any further seeing as I've given away quite a bit already, so please to download it and enjoy viewing it. ^_^

    This is a vid on using Street Fighter Alpha, hope that doesn't rub on anyone the wrong way, but I felt like using this piece of music which is just perfect for this vid. I'm sure no one has ever heard this song, unless they saw "The Girl Next Door," and you were actually paying attention to some of the original music scored..

    Magix Music Maker - I bought this cheap so I could give to my friend for starters.., I'm getting her involved in the whole AMV scene, so yeah this is why this vid is experimental in as sense that I figured it be a heck of a lot easier to use and experiment with.
    Virtual Dub

    Please be as so kind... ^_^ Leave an op(it helps me to know what I did good on, so-so, and just wrong)

    P.S. Thanx to bum for the promo. earlier in May-Jun. ^_^

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