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  • Member: Gepetto
  • Studio: Byakugan AMV Productions
  • Title: 7 Ways to Remove a Logo
  • Premiered: 2005-03-06
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Evanescense Whisper
    • Iron Maiden Charlotte the Harlot
    • Iron Maiden Moonchild
    • Iron Maiden Running Free
    • Nickelback Because of you
    • Queen Bicycle Race
    • Rammstein Amerika
    • Sir mix-a-lot Baby got back
    • The Offspring Intermission
    • The Offspring Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
    • The Offspring Walla Walla
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Seven new inovvating ways to remove those pesky TV logos (or fansubber logos if you've no respect for the rules) from your video! They require virtually no knowledge of scripting, and can be done in any video editor that isn't WMM. Find out now and be the smartest AMVer that sleeps on your bed!

    My first shot at a comedy video wound up having a somewhat screaming resemblance to AMV Hell (which I hadn't even seen, I only watched it after a friend of mine who had watched my vid said it was a rip-off). The only actual resemblance, although it plays an important part in how the vid works is the use of many independant "skits" with separate parts of songs. My vid is also a lot "cleaner" in the sense of not having that many allusions to pornography, bleeding anuses and booty-spanking (although it's a lot uglier... :-/ I tried, but AviSynth still overwhelmes me. Learning how to properly use it is on my to-do list...). Plus, it contains seven mentally challenging ways to cover up the logos on your vid, including (stare in awe) setting the logo on fire. YES, that's right. Combustion.

    Anyways, while not completely original, I think it's worth watching for a good laugh, and also to check out Pen-Pen's radical makeover (even I'm still laughing...). And PLEASE leave an op, even if it's just to flame me.

    Adobe Premiere 6.0 for audio assembly and video editing
    The GIMP 2.2.4 for the barely existant frame editing (yes, Pikachu was ugly, I know...)
    VirtualDubMod and TMPGEnc for encoding

    30GB HD
    Intel Celeron 1,7GHz
    224MB RAM
    Unknown Integrated Video Board by Compaq (I'm on notebook ^^)


    Look for these:
    *A scene where the logo wasn't removed at all
    *A Magical name-changing letterbox
    *Subtitles (Yes I put them there somewhere... *tremble*)
    *A scene with no logo at all to be removed (and yet I still managed to remove it... This is the easiest one....)

    If you can find all of them... You've watched my vid at least twice and that makes me happy, so thanks!!!!

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