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  • Member: BogoSort
  • Title: Stress
  • Premiered: 2001-03-17
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    • Jim's Big Ego Stress
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  • Comments: This is my second video. The song is something that my roommate got the rest of my housemates addicted to, and just somehow fit with Cowboy Bebop. Using a relatively unknown band, I think this video surprised lot of people, as well as showed off a much lighter side of Bebop than they were used to. For this video, I used a DVD source, which I reencoded into mjpeg before doing the editing with Premiere. The video quality is reasonable, but could be better using more modern techniques that would involve much less quality loss in the encoding. This took me 4 straight days of nothing but eating, sleeping and editing to produce this final result.

    The basic concept of this video is to highlight the motivations of the Bebop crew in their misadventures throughout space. This entire highlight reel is triggered by Spike’s final visit with Vicious. In going to meet with Vicious, he knew that his life was going to end soon, and thus causing him to remember all sorts of happenings on the Bebop. I attempted to showcase as many of the random characters that they encounter as possible in this video.

    I made this with my current desktop machine:
    Celeron 366 @ 550
    384MB RAM
    60GB IBM 7200 Hard Drive(borrowed from a friend to make this video - Thanks Fluffy!)
    Adobe Premiere 6.0

    Somehow people seem to like this video, so it's won an award or two:
    Mindwarp Entertainment 2001 Spring Summer AMV Contest:
    Best Comedy Award
    Best Action Award
    Best Sound Award

    Otakon 2001
    Runnerup in Action/Upbeat

    Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
    Judges Choice

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