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  • Member: aaronlye
  • Studio: Sandrock Productions
  • Title: To Live By The Sword
  • Premiered: 2002-03-06
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  • Song:
    • Angelic Layer OST the starry sky (original full version)
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  • Comments: My first music video in nearly six months. I've been working on this little terror for nearly a month and a half now - one month to compile useable clips from over 85 episodes of anime from four different series, and two weeks to choreograph these disparate sources together into a cohesive video. This, of course, doesn't count the two weeks I spent trying to decipher how on earth I was supposed to rip the footage off the DVDs. :)

    Apart from being my first attempt at putting together a vid using various series, it's also my first attempt at creating a video with a Japanese song. The end result's a little different, but not too shabby, I hope. :) The song wasn't chosen at random either, but is in keeping with the overall theme of the video - which has a primary (but not exclusive) focus on swordfighting - really quite obvious if you study the title. :)

    'To Live By The Sword" also marks my first attempt at trying out various 'new' special effects and transitions, which I've been studying by downloading and viewing videos I consider better than mine and trying to reverse engineer some of the snazzy effects they've been using. Was I successful? You be the judge. :)

    (note: A translation of the Japanese lyrics is available at this video's page on my website, )

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