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  • Member: StudioKZ
  • Studio: Studio KZ
  • Title: The Last 20th Century Fox
  • Premiered: 2000-10-06
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    • Doors, The 20th Century Fox
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  • Comments: Warning, Cowboy Bebop Spoilers
    My first Award winning Video, and technically, my first Con Submission (It was on a tape with five videos, but it was first on the tape, and the second video threw the rest out of sync. See description of Greatest Macrossian Hero for more info).

    This Video took about three days to finish the first time. Then Avid Cinema crashed at one point and took the entire timeline with it. So I remade the video using Premiere. Which also crashed and took the entire timeline with it when that version was finished. I used Avid Cinema for the final cut and it worked this time(I didn't realize that Premiere made back up copies of your work just in case you crash or something otherwise unpleasant happens.) Over all, I think it took about two weeks to actually get this video down perfect(Or as close to perfect as my videos can get).

    I pieced this together just in time to get it onto a tape and submitted to AWA. Over All, This video flowed really well, was relatively easy to piece together, using scenes of Faye Valentine (Who, it is revealed later in the series, was actually born in the 1990s, then frozen after an accident and revived in the 2070s.) in action.

    One thing I thought worked particularly well was the opening guitar riff (I seem to have a thing for these), which sounded alot like parts of Kanno's score for Cowboy Bebop, The only problem was that it's less than two seconds before it breaks into the song, and so it's less than noticible when actually watching the video. The bit at the end was also particularly amusing, which shows Spike talking up the stairs to Faye, when Ed comes in, throws Ein into the air, and then catches him and rolls out. The toss was timed with the final symbol crash of the song, and is followed by a once again too short to be apparant shot of Faye staring at the Audience in either mild disgust or shock or something bland along those lines. Once again, I tried to stay away from what would likely be the most over-used scenes of Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop and Various AMVs (The First shot of her walking into the old Chinese Man's store in Episode 3, was it?) I also tried to keep the Cheesecake at a mimimum, but still give some nice shots, which thanks to the Animators was actually relatively easy.

    One Shot that will no doubt leave people saying 'wha?' is the scene on the line 'No Clocks'. It is a very dark scene with an object falling into water and spashing. I thought about cutting and playing with the scene that this was originally from, which is a later episode, in which we meet Jett Black's love interest. The object is a watch that Jett had been holding on to for the previous three years in hopes of finding her again, that he then throws into the river/bay/whatever after they again go their seperate ways.

    The downloadable format that this is available in is *not* optimal... it's not even very good. Unfortunately, at the time that I created this, I was still using Avid Cinema, which has its own way of doing things, and no flexibility. The resulting file is an Apple Quicktime 3.0 format file using the Cinepak codec and running at 15 fps. ... ugh.. not gonna get high marks on that one. I'll recapture my master tape and reencode it into a better format when I get home from Kosovo... Download it anyway... Please? ^_^

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