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  • Member: dydreemblvr
  • Title: The Greatest and Best: Tribute
  • Premiered: 2005-03-17
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    • Tenacious D Tribute
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  • Comments: First video!!!

    I figured I ought to eventually contribute to this site and not just continue to enjoy your videos without bringing anything to the table myself. So here I present my tribute to the greatest and best song in the world...or at least the greatest and best anime in the world...

    I used Windows Movie Maker so the effects are pretty limited. I am, however, pretty satisfied with how it came out considering I'm a rookie. It makes me all the more appreciative of those of you who use fancy programs and actually have skills. ^_^ I think the timing is what I am most pleased about... Though it's not perfect at some parts (Thank you WMM) I tried to make the images coincide with the music as much as possible...

    Well, that's getting technical, and since this song is pretty laid back should probably just sit back and enjoy.

    PLEASE NOTE I AM FULLY AWARE OF THE SUBTITLES WHICH APPEAR IN THIS VIDEO!!! There are so few of them, but so many people have just complained about them in their comments without leaving me any useful feedback that I have to respond. Don't leave an opinion just to complain about the subs. Actually, if you would pay attention to them, some of them actually make sense with the song... so yeah. Please don't tell me that the subs are there or that the Inuyasha vid quality sucks. I KNOW!!! Please leave me useful feedback about the technique and effects instead...

    ***PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think so I can improve next time around!!! I'll leave an opinion on one of your videos if you do...
    Wow. Bribery and begging. How can you say no???

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