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  • Member: Ainaelle
  • Title: Puchikon OP
  • Premiered: 2002-08-18
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    • Animetal Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon)
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    This little silliness was made as an opening animation for the 1st edition of Puchikon convention. The convention was to be held on 19th October 2002 in Katowice (Poland), but the video got released a few months ahead (the premiere date reflects when an announcement was posted on Usenet). Therefore, it basically ended up as a promo clip parodying the OP scheme. It was in tune with the convention's theme, was well received, and the stupid factor got appreciated.

    Apparently, for many Polish anime fans the video was their first exposure to Animetal. As many of them still remembered being introduced to anime via Sailor Moon a few years back, it became a sort of a hit in it's time thanks to this music choice.

    Overall, it's silly, pointless, and in many aspects a step back from Patterns. However, in most viewers' opinion it's quite likeable. So everyone's happy, I guess.


    The video has no real story or plot, but I made attempts to keep some visual continuity and, at the same time, to at least slightly relate to the lyrics and/or original Sailor Moon opening animation. Most of the allusions are rather lame jokes, but that's just what was desired.


    Made on the same trusty K6-2 300MHz / 64MB RAM / 4GB HDD / w95 as Patterns, took 2 or 3 weeks to hack together from the idea to completion. Footage was taken from all sorts of sources, many of them low-res, so the visual quality is obviously crap. No remake is planned.

    No particularly interesting or groundbreaking techniques were used when making the video, just some more time-consuming masking at best. The Sailor Moon logo in the first cut was removed using some flavour of logo away filter.

    The bells you hear at the beginning come from the original Sailor Moon opening, the rest is Animetal. I think the transition between the two turned out very well.

    There are 3 versions of the video: the "promo" version, first one released, with the convention's (now defunct) website address overlaid during the whole run; the "clean" version without the caption, released after the convention; and version 1.1 which you can download below, released on 19th March 2005. The first two versions are uncredited, v1.1 has a proper credits screen. All versions share the same footage and audio. The two early versions are now considered obsolete and should not be distributed anymore.

    Participation / Awards

    Due to it's nature, the video was never submitted to any contest. However, it is now featured on Kai Stromler's Underground Metal AMV Recommendations list, which is probably more than it ever deserved. Thanks, Kai!


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