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  • Member: MorningBelles
  • Title: .hack//??? (???????)
  • Premiered: 2005-03-16
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    • Code Lyoko Un Monde Sans Danger
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  • Comments: My first .hack//SIGN amv that is separted into two parts: the main characters (Sora and Crim make a few cameos, as well as the Silver Knight and Maha) from the beginning to 00:02:18. From there to the end, it focuses a little more on Tsukasa: a flashback from his past and thinking that he's alone in The World. Fornutely, he has good friends like Aura, Mimiru and Subaru to guide him.

    Idea: I came up with the idea about a year ago, when watching Code Lyoko on Cartoon Network. At that time, my mind was screaming, "The opening song would be good with .hack//SIGN. However, I've forgotten about it (it always happen to me, especially if I have other projects to do, like schoolwork). On the plus side, I didn't remember it until about two months ago, when I was rewatching Code Lyoko. At that point, the idea came back to me, and I actually carried it out.

    Digital Effects: Main part was made in iMovie, and I imported the file into Premiere for the overlay effects. In addition, I also added a "ghost" effect to Tsukasa around 00:01:33 to make it look like he's an illusion.

    Title: If you're wondering what the title says, here's the romanji version: ".hack//LYOKO (Kiken no nai Sekai)." "Kiken no nai Sekai" simply means "A World without Danger." It took me awhile to translate the French title into Japanese(I'm still a novice in Japanese translation). Originally, I was going to say "Un Mundo sin Danger" (Spanish version), but the Japanese version, in my opinion, has a nice "feeling" to it.

    Final Comments: I'm so happy that I made my creation come to life. Please download, and send comments!

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