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  • Member: andyscout
  • Title: Warriors of EDF
  • Premiered: 2005-03-14
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    • Man `O War Warriors of the World
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  • Comments: Yet another Dual music video by me. I know, I don't do much else, but what can I say? Anyway, I'm still using the crap that is Ulead to make this. I guess it is a step above WMM, but I'd much rather have my good ol' pinnicle back. Still, the video turned out fairly good.

    I recieved feedback that my previous videos didn't address rhythm enough. They said it was just video that appeiled to the lyrics but failed to sync with the beat. So in this video, rhythm was a big deal, as you will see. I spent a lot of time syncing things. Another thing about this video is I spent more time on it. Sure its about two minutes longer than anything I've made before, but I spent several times as much time making this one.

    The idea: This is a mech/ action video. The warriors of EDF (Earth Defense Force)! Enjoy!

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