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  • Member: Scandia
  • Title: The Legend of RG Veda
  • Premiered: 2005-03-14
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    • Sting Desert Rose
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  • Comments: I really like RG Veda and CLAMP in general. This is a very underrated series of theirs. I had not really seen any RG Veda AMVs, so I wanted to make one.

    I adore Middle Eastern/Mediterranean/Gypsy sounding music. And Desert Rose is a beautiful song. So I thought that its Middle Eastern feel went along with RG Veda's setting in ancient India.

    Please understand that RG Veda is a relatively old anime and thus the source does not look as fantabulous as stuff from the new millenium or even the late 90s would look like.

    I'm classifying it as sentimental because the anime only features till manga volume 9 and thus Ashura is still in child form. And until then, Ashura and Yasha saw each other as sister and brother. But SPOILERS- in manga 10 Ashura grows up and things change. Won't give the exact details- you gotta read the manga yourself.

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