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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Phantastic Knight
  • Premiered: 2005-03-14
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  • Song:
    • 4 Strings Take Me Away
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Long time eh?
    My video for 2005 is my first dedication to my girlfriend, Emoon18. yay!!! ^_^

    What's in this video? It's VERY hard for me to explain it. Some say it has an "epic" feel to it .
    So I'll just say it's just in the 'other' uncategorized category.

    This video showcases Shamanic Princess's beautiful lush backgrounds/landscapes, and beautiful characters. If an anime could be described as simply stunning, Shamanic Princess would be found next to the dictionary entry of 'beautiful'. 0_0 There seems to be an unexpected MAD element. [for more info, contact / find Gajin Factory] I made this video on a whim and as an anniversary present for me and my girlfriend. I needed something that would be hypnotic in a sense and Shamanic with this song seemed to do it.

    The idea is, what if you were transported through a gateway to another realm/dimension? What would it be like? How about a trip down memory lane through a very memorable picture you may possess? [Shamanic Princess pun ^_^] Yep, that's what this video does. And just now, she reminds me that this is the anime she and I was watching the week we truly fell in love. [and I ended up picking it without realizing it! YAY!]

    This special fx set is, "Entrantia". A journey into the Throne of Yord. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, go ahead and grab Shamanic Princess DVD [complete] at your local bargain bin for $5-$9. A VERY good deal if you want to see one of the most beautifully drawn anime in existance. [the landscape images you see should remind you of Rembrandt or some other famous artist...]

    ENJOY THE VIDEO! Dedicated to my true love...

    Hardware: Problem Slayer 2k4
    DVD-RW [yay for dvd footage]
    1gig DDR RAM
    2Ghz CPU

    Software: Adobe owns...
    Premiere 6.5

    Special thanks to AD and ErMaC's guide to making an anime music video. Cleanup is a real pain but this is probably one of my best, if not THE best quality video I've edited to date...
    More Special thanks to Zarxrax for showing me extra props since well, I'm a relatively lazy slowmo. lol

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