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  • Member: Kurayami-san
  • Title: Estheticism
  • Premiered: 2005-03-14
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    • Morricone, Ennio Chi Mai
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  • Comments: A MANGA-Music-Video?

    Alright, this video is really made of nothing but the beautiful manga 'Alichino'.

    Ummm... Why?

    1) Alichino is so beautiful that it just deserves a tribute ^________^
    2) There doesn't exist any Alichino-Anime yet and probably never will (sooo sad ;_;)
    3) I made a Cathexis-AMV once and those of you who know Cathexis probably also noticed that it consists of nothing but fixed pictures. After that AMV a MMV couldn't be worse ^^;;

    I'm not saying it was easy, though...

    1) The main problem was to prevent this video from looking like a picture slide show that would have been totally boring.
    2) What do to with the balloons, bubbles, texts? Subtitles in AMVs are no-nos, so what's about typical Manga-balloons? o.o
    3) Why doesn't Premiere save the editing? Waaaah!!!

    Problem 1) was solved by Premiere's wonderful ability of effects which made this MMV look interesting
    Problem 2) was solved mostly by Photoshop cutting the texts, myself choosing pictures with only little text and last but not least, letting them be the way they are when they look kinda good. This is a MMV, it should look like that!
    Problem 3) has never been solved nor explained. I still don't know what went wrong so Premiere refused to save the editing. At least it saved the video as video, so I didn't loose that.

    I'm really pleased the way 'Estheticism' turned out, although it's pretty short.
    By the way, I really long for editing normal moving pictures now XD.

    As usual, opinions are most welcome - I would be interested what you think about this Manga-Video-attempt. ^^

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