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  • Member: Warheart
  • Studio: Globocide Productions
  • Title: Wardancer
  • Premiered: 2005-03-12
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    • In Flames Acoustic Piece
    • Soilwork Entering the angel diabolique
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    Progress started: 26.2
    Progress complete: 12.3
    Time spent: ~ 35 hours + ~12 hours for clipping, export and stuff like that

    4th place in the french Anime Action-AMV Contest


    Yet another short instumental characterprofile, but this is quite the opposite of the Lonesome Wolf video I made but it has the same intention. This video contains less effects and more action synchage than my previous work, well it's an action video what did you expect ? ;-)


    Altough some may say that this video is like many other Beserk videos, I asure you there are some ncie differences the most important it's instumental, i've never seen any other instumental Berserk video. Another differnece is that, altough it's a Gatz charaprofile I left out most parts of the story so I don't spoil anything (just a little bit action), but still I think I made a nice picture of the "Wardancer" Gatz, drawing a picture of his nature and behaivor in certian situations. I tried to show not only the warrior but also the nice guy and the comander fighting together with his men, but since he's always alone even if he has company, most of the video show's him fighting alone. Yes I do have a favor for lonesome people ... for I've been alone most of my life ... ;P


    Technical Specs:

    The encoding was really hard, I tried alot of different codecs and stuff cause there was a major problem I noticed much to late my rips are in 23,98fps and I edited it within a 25fps workspace so my exports kept showing me nice little TV-Screen in my avi exports the only thing that worked was mpeg but it look rather crapy. So I ended up exporting a hq mpeg 1 encode (12.000kbps) and then re-encoded it into xvid, now the video had large beatoffsets but the quality rocked thus I had to first change the colorspace of the mpeg to get a working avi so I re-encoded it into huffyuv and then into xvid. I used a 2nd pass for 50 mb; the video still looks very good for my standard. The audio had to be exported in wav and then demuxed into the new xvid verison so theres no loss of quality here.

    Special thanks to asagaru for taking a look at my betas and jcd for technical support (encodes and stuff) and advise.

    Formerly hosted on Globocides Server it's now availiable on local due to the disintegration of the Studio. (02.09.06)

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