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  • Member: basterd!!
  • Studio: Joker's Wild Studio
  • Title: Beyond Salvation - A Living Manga AMV
  • Premiered: 2005-03-12
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    • Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with Butterfly Wings
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  • Comments: Warning Spoilers!! Please watch Berserk today if you haven't already!!

    This video is my ultimate expression of enjoyment for the anime Berserk. I had wanted to make a berserk video unlike any other and I feel i have succeeded. I have combined footage from the anime, manga, and two different berserk games in order to create this video.

    There are many good berserk videos, but i felt they always tended to have the same problem in that you always knew what scenes were going to be put in them. (of course this is true of many amvs) I have tried to put in scenes not common in most berserk amvs and omitting some of the most common scenes (i.e. breaking arrow in hand, running up staircase in ep 22 killing, ect.) Probably the scene selection i'm proudest of is depicting the eclipse in only 17 seconds. Many amvs get accused of spending 50% of their time on the last episode, and berserk only begs to have this occur with its ending.

    I can't really estimate how long it took to develop this video, partly because i taught myself premiere and after effects specifically to make this video. I really don't want to weigh in on effects vs non-effects videos, but i will say knowing after effects (at least somewhat) definately helped me achieve my vision for this video, but a roungh estimate is around 6 months of weekends. that includes playing the dreamcast game a couple of times through and video capturing it, and ripping virtually every scene in berserk into its own categories and getting all the manga pics ready.

    Because I had so much varying source footage i made a decision to make my video widescreen. even though berserk is full screen i think i did enough teaks and adjustments to turn it into a widescreen version. This was done in part because of the widescreen cutscenes from the video game and because i rarely used the entire screen in the video.

    Why is the file so large? Well i had to use a high resolution (720 by 480) in order to make the manga scans look good. The quality of the scans goes down rapidly with each resolution and bitrate drop. Additionally, I don't want everyone to see this video. I only care that berserk fans get to see this and i believe they'd want a high vid quality amv.

    Hopefully this video will encourage fans of the anime to go out and buy the manga which is being translated and published by dark horse comics.

    Support Berserk
    Buy the dvds and manga!!!

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