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  • Member: alternatefutures
  • Studio: Probability Matrix
  • Title: Light of Day
  • Premiered: 2002-04-19
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    • Train Drops of Jupiter
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  • Comments: This vid has been uploaded to Fileplanet. However, I did something stupid and sent them the zipped file, so you will need an uncompression utility.

    Romantic Category Honorable Mention in Mindwarp's Spring 2002 Contest
    Finalist at Otakon 2002

    I would like to thank mexicanjunior and AbsoluteDestiny for taking the time to download this vid through their 56k modems and providing me with cheap... I mean... invaluable feedback. Their opinions and suggestions have made this video just that much better (you wouldn't believe how badly it sucked before hand... really! Originally this was a DBZ Trunks tribute set to Linkin Park's "In the End"). Considering their glowing reviews (unless mj decides to change his mind) this video is now FINAL!

    This video contains minor spoilers. If you didn't know Gene and Melfina have a romantic relationship going, then I've just spoiled it for you so there's nothing keeping you from downloading the vid :) Well, I take a good bit of footage from the end episodes, but so did Cartoon Network for their promos, and then there's the opening credits with Mel's wings, so if you've seen both of them, this isn't gonna hurt you much more.

    TO MY KNOWLEDGE this video contains the MOST fan made 3D animation in an AMV. And I'm not only talking about quantity but also quality. Theater masks, arrow tunnels and rotating telephones just do not compare with fully rendered space/terristrial scenes with a detailed and surprisingly accurate model of the title ship. (Although I do recomend that you check out "Virus in the Shell" and "Opperator" by dokidoki as well as "Oh Nick..." by Nightowl)

    Anyway, my goal was to not use any of the original footage that contained the Outlaw Star as that would kinda clash with the idea of a 3D model, and I succeeded in this with one very minor exception. So, what I did is, to show my confidence in my creation, recreate a few camera angels/scenes from the show, so, for full enjoyment, it helps if you've seen Outlaw Star before :)

    Now, throwing out that vast ammount of grappler combat footage obviously made this video that much more difficult to finish. Finding scenes that could match both the lyrics and the music was difficult enough on it's own. While the story of Outlaw Star fits perfectly with the song, the animation is another story. Since this focuses on Gene and Melfina, I also had to rule out those neat, expensively produced scenes with Suzuka and Aisha (you know, those one's Cartoon Network like to use to advertise the series) and the fact that Melfina spends most of her camera time floating motionless in a tub of water didn't make my life any easier. However, all that said I am pleased with the results and I think you will be to.

    Now, what software did I use to create this 3D extravanganza? Nothing too fancy. Bryce 3D (you can pick up the much newer and nicer Bryce 5 for $250 US) for the animation and Rhino 3D ($200 US if you're a student) for the building of the Outlaw Star mesh as well as a couple background pieces. Finally, I used Photoshop to add all those neat little lighting effects so that it looks like I'm using something that's a bit more professional. Pull it all together in Premiere and you've got yourself a 3D sequence. Did I use a buff PC for this? Well, three years ago, yes. But today I hardly think a PIII 550 with 128 megs of Ram and a 20 gig HD qualifies as that. Nope, the only thing here that is excessive is the ammount of time I put into it and the patience I have (over six months of commited work).

    And while I'm at it, here's all the software used:

    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Premiere
    Bryce 3D
    CladMdec 1.1
    Rhino 3D
    Virtual Dub (with Tim Park's excellent rainbow filter)

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