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  • Member: Darkseid
  • Title: Downward Speigel
  • Premiered: 2005-03-04
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    • Curtis Mayfield Freddie's Dead
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  • Comments: Basically, I'd had this idea for a Cowboy Bebop AMV festering in my head which would be different than any other. I wanted to do something with soul music, the one genre I hadn't seen really represented by the deluge of Bebop AMVs. Everything was either rock, jpop, rap, and maybe country... but no soul, which I felt was sad considering soul and blues were very much at the heart of the American pop culture Cowboy Bebop had come to emulate.

    I'd though up the concept while watching a classic 70's movie called Superfly starring Ron O'Neal. It was about a drug dealer who wanted to retire. When the song called "Freddie's Dead" by Curtis Mayfield started playing, two things kinda dawned on me: 1. No one had used Curtis Mayfield in an AMV yet, and 2. In the Bebop TV series, Spike had left this organization notorious for dealing drugs, so I kind of embraced the idea that he was a decent guy, but exaggerrated his part in the drug dealing world. I came up with the fictional concept of him trying to live as a good guy, but with his lifestyle catching up to him causing him to go on a downward spiral; I'd added other characters to flesh out the particulars of his fate and the effect it has on the rest of the Bebop crew. To sum it up, I'd describe this AMV as a cross between Superfly and Bad Lieutenant.

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