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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Forbidden Memories: Reminiscence
  • Premiered: 2005-03-09
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    • Van Craven Time In A Bottle (Piano Adaptation)
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    I'm very pleased that many people have deemed this video to be worthy of two nominations in the 2006 Viewers' Choice Awards (Best Instrumental and Best Romantic). However, because this video is only a light remake of a video that had already garnered much acknowledgment in last year's VCA's, I would like to ask that everybody refrain from voting for it this year. There are plenty of other really great videos in these two categories this year, so be sure to check them out!

    Thank you!
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    if I had a box just for wishes
    and dreams that had never come true
    the box would be empty
    except for the memory
    of how they were answered by you

    This is a remake of my first video, Forbidden Memories: A Tribute to Hatori and Kana. It represents a culmination of everything I've learned about AMV-making in the past year.

    Even so, I have not made any drastic changes for this new version. The simple nature of Forbidden Memories was what had given it impact in the first place, so I kept the style and execution as they were in the original. Thus, you will not find in this remake the shifting blurs of Surrealism, the pulsing overlays of Absolution, or the sweeping imagery of Ever Searching. The changes that I've made are, for the most part, very subtle, but they add to the overall polish and emotional impact of the video.

    This remake is a sincere thank you to all the Hatori/Kana fans who have enjoyed the original Forbidden Memories. It's great to know that I have made a nice contribution to the fandom. I never expected that my little first video would be nominated for the VCA finals, but it seems that you all had made it possible. So here is my gift to you. If there were ever a "perfect" edition of Forbidden Memories, then, in my mind, this is it.

    I would also like to thank all the members of the AMV community who have given me advice and encouragement over the past year - and who somehow, in the process, have helped to make all of this fun. I mean come on. Editing video in a buggy program for months on end? Learning tons of technical information just to get a little file out for a select group of people to (maybe) watch? It's sometimes a wonder that we find any enjoyment in this hobby. But in the end, the delights, the enchantment of a great video, the experience of working on an amazing MEP ;), the acquaintances, and the genuine mutual respect make it all worth the while.

    Thank you once again, and good luck to all of you in whatever you choose to do next. :)

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    List of changes:

    . The video is longer. I've always thought that the ending was a bit rushed, so I left in another verse of the song to even out the pacing.

    . The still images are more dymanic. They now all pan or move in some way, and look less awkward alongside fully-animated clips.

    . There is less mouth flap. Every instance of mouth movement that appears in the video now was deliberately left in by me.

    . Slowed-down scenes are no longer as jerky. The footage is now as smooth as the source would permit.

    . Brighter colors. I raised the saturation by a little bit and leveled a few pale scenes. You probably will not notice unless you compare the two versions side-by-side. I also used postprocessing to improve the overall visual quality.

    . Fine-tuned timing. Again, you probably will not notice these differences. There were just a few parts that bothered me from before. :P

    . Higher distribution resolution. Not really an improvement, but I wanted to indulge myself. :)


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