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  • Member: Kragdrim
  • Studio: Fantasy Movies
  • Title: Any music can't save the world
  • Premiered: 2005-03-06
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    • Anastacia I do
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  • Comments: Any music can't save the world

    so i have my vid for the first french online contest, that was organisated by Tyler.
    It s video is for the 1/8 final.
    I have make that in two weeks and so i use for anime :
    Jin roh

    My idea for this clip is to make a video-clip. So i use Beck for the concert .
    In fact, there is different level in my video: The first level is when the band Beck play, when koyouki sing, and the others play with instrument.
    The second level is too a beck level. Its when the world gone crazy. I have use a différent Band. It s the singer of The dying breed, Matt. I think that the character stick with the rythm of the music. I have not really do a lip sync for this moment. I think more that the attitude of Matt is perfect for this moment. I have too play with the color
    The third level is so the others anime: i have do a strange mix, but i wanted to evocate a possibility of what can be do ,in the futur , the world. So for make a separation with beck, i have make a black white with a few color. I have use too the effect Noise . But the most part of the separation is with the use of blur effect ( flou ), sharp. But the use of this effect has another reason: i use it because i don't wanted a clean world. I wanted to see a blur world like a possibilité of a world. A world that we have difficult to see, but we can see the shadow, the outline.

    The title of the video : Any music can't save the world, is in relation with the music i use: I Do (anastacia )

    lyric :
    Who are they anyway
    With their sticks and stones
    Don't they know that we know?
    There's a chill within their bones
    They blame and they name
    Make us feel so cold inside
    But they cannot take us there cause we will fight

    I think the world's gone crazy
    I think the world's gone crazy
    I think the world's gone crazy
    I think the world's gone crazy

    Who wants a love without anger and rage?
    I do
    Who wants a world where a kid can be safe?
    I do
    Who wants to pray for the end of the pain
    For the calm at the end of the day
    Where there's not always more of the same
    I do

    Wanna breathe
    Wanna move
    Wanna move and not ever feel afraid
    Wanna live in a place
    Where the truth still finds a way
    To rise and advise
    And when everything is lies you break
    Cause there's nowhere you can run and still feel safe

    I think the world's gone crazy
    I think the world's gone crazy
    I think the world's gone crazy
    I think the world's gone crazy


    I won't be a part of something so obscene
    I think I'm falling
    but I won't be falling

    (Repeat chorus)

    So i expect that you enjoy to see my vid.
    I congratulated those who make an opinion. it take your time, and take my time to answer, and certainly to see your vid and maybe let my opinion

    Enjoy it :)


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