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  • Member: Heroman
  • Studio: Windows Movie Maker
  • Title: Valis Ressurection
  • Premiered: 2005-03-05
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  • Song:
    • Lautsprecher Omnibus
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  • Comments: This video is my first movie and is based off the Japanese multi-platformer game "Valis". It was released in the US starting with the Turbo-Duo version of the first game, then came the Genesis equivalent. It is a great game with anime-style cutscenes and great gameplay that has entertained me for years. This video is dedicated to all the Valis fans, Yuko Ahso (the main character), and Reiko Kirishima (Yuko's best friend in the game). The screens that look pixelated are from the actual Genesis version of the game, the CGs were found on Google Image Search, and the hand-drawn anime pictures were drawn by an artist under the pen name of Ghost. Kudos to you all! ^_^ Anyway, I did the edited pictures of Yuko for the Great Yuko pictures (Yuko with Yellow hair, yellow/golden sword, etc.) with Paint. The song is "Omnibus" by Katie Skate feat. Laut Sprecher. Hope you enjoy the video and give me some feedback for my next movie, Syd of Valis, which is the title of the second game in the three that were released on the Genesis! ^_^

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