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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Walk Away in Silence
  • Premiered: 2005-03-03
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Darkness
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My fifth music video.

    About the have to admit, "Darkness" is the ideal Silent Hill song. Parasite Eve was more of an afterthought, because I was worried that I wouldn't have enough appropriate SH footage. While it isn't my favorite Disturbed song, I can't deny that a (potentially) very cool AMV could come out of "Darkness." Thus, I started on the project. After being thoroughly pleased with my fourth video, I figured this would be a breeze. Wrong. The song is great, but because it doesn't have extremely definite beats like the songs I had used before, I had a hard time knowing when to cut the scenes. I'll mention more of this below...

    About the video...I love the concept and I hate the execution. I went into this project with overconfidence, and that was my downfall. The video was rushed, the scenes not always appropriate, and, to top it all off, I was dumb and saved it at a low quality. Moreover, my project file became corrupted when I was three-fourths of the way done with the video. So, because there was nothing I could do to save it, I had to start over. I was very frustrated over this and rushed to get it back up to the point I had it before. Because of my impatience, some of the parts aren't timed the same as the original - that's a bad thing. I liked the original better. I think I may remake this video someday; the major change would be that I would use Silent Hill 1-4 this time, and leave out Parasite Eve. Of course, this means that I would have to rearrange many scenes, but I think it would come out better. Also, I won't have to use downloaded footage anymore because I'm getting a DVD drive soon. I may also look for a better free editing program besides Windows Movie Maker II, but old habits are hard to break. I know how to use WMMII, and taking the time to learn another program is a turn-off. Still, I digress. The video itself presents the mood I wanted, but not the method. Everything flows together a little TOO smoothly, I think. I don't feel any parts of the video jump out at me as being good OR bad, and that worries me. Overall, I don't dislike this video, but I can't say that I'm proud of it either. It's just the video that sits on my hard drive collecting dust until I decide I need inspiration one day and do a marathon of my videos - which happens from time to time, particularly when I'm in the middle of a project that I don't feel like finishing. I just watch my videos and remind myself why I enjoy AMVs so much.

    Unimportant miscellany...
    Program Used: Windows Movie Maker 2
    Hours Spent: 5-10
    Date Completed: 2/1/04

    Scores I would give in a review
    Originality: 8/10
    Capture/Output Quality: 5/10
    Sound Quality: 6/10
    Action/Editng Sync: 7/10
    Effort: 5/10
    Overall: 5/10
    Re-viewable: 3/10

    As always, Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - dj_ultima_the_great

    PS: pinky knows this is coming...*glomp*

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