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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Progressive Motion
  • Premiered: 2005-03-04
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    • Moulin Rouge final score
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  • Comments: My second music video.

    ACK!!!!!!!! It worked! Finally, after being a member of this site for over a year, I've uploaded a video! I bet you're all excited. Not really, but it's a happy thing for me. ^_^


    About the song choice...I wanted to use Craig Armstrong's "Final Score" from Moulin Rouge somehow. It just seemed like such a great song for an AMV that I couldn't pass it up. In the beginning, I had told myself that I would only use instrumentals - this is true for this video. (However, by my fourth video, that changed.)

    About the video...of course, I had to use Final Fantasy. Call it overdone, but that was my rage at the time - still is, to be honest. Technically speaking, this video is pretty bad. The audio and video quality isn't that great and the aspect ratio (I think that's what it's called) varies throughout the video. There's even a couple of Gamespot logos strewn about. ^_^;; It's got quite a few "blinks," as a friend of mine calls them - you know...those one frame images that flash before a clip if you're not careful enough to cut them off. Well, I wasn't careful enough. Well, now that you know the bad stuff, how about hearing some of the good things? My timing, though odd at times, is fairly good, and as the music speeds up, I try to use faster clips to match it. I don't how well I succeeded there, but it's okay I guess. Oh, and about the clips...I won't lie to you. Most of the clips were randomly chosen - if I liked it, I used it. The only ones I really planned are at the beginning and end of the video - the stuff with Squall and the feather. Overall, the video is halfway decent - passable, at least. It's kind of short, but you can blame that on the song. Let's put it this way: if the video is short, then I'm not prolonging your suffering. ^_^

    Ugh...for the life of me, I could NOT think of a good title for the video. Then again, I think instrumentals are hard to think of titles for. Besides, I never title my videos normally, so now that I'm being forced to think of one, it's pretty tough.

    Also, I know that it sounds like I'm being really critical of myself, but that's because I KNOW I can do better. I blame part of it on my crappy program (WMM2), but largely it's just my ignorance when it comes to technology that hangs me up everytime.

    Anywho, I would love a review (who wouldn't?). Even a flame would be nice. Just the general recognition that I made a video would be splendid.

    A few miscellany technical notes...
    Program Used: Windows Movie Maker
    Hours Spent: 5-10
    Date Started: 12/25/02
    Date Completed: 12/27/02

    Scores I would give in a review (and I will review my own video eventually)...
    Originality: 4/10
    Capture/Output Quality: 5/10
    Sound Quality: 6/10
    Action/Editing Sync: 7/10
    Effort: 6/10
    Overall: 6/10
    Re-viewable: 5/10

    Well, that's all. As always, Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - dj_ultima_the_great

    PS: I cannot begin to thank pinky75910 enough for all of her support. Up until this point, she has patiently endured my downsized, horrible-quality music videos attached to e-mails. In fact, it is she who has taught me how to upload my videos and for that I thank her. I would have never been able to share my videos without that clear explanation. So, thank you my Digi-girl. (You do realize that you're going to get thanked in every single one of my video descriptions from now on, right? ^_^ )

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