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  • Member: starlady38
  • Title: Yuna's Vertigo
  • Premiered: 2005-03-03
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    • U2 Vertigo
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  • Comments: The most pop song ever for the most pop video game I've ever played. I loved every minute of FFX-2, and after listtening to "Vertigo" about 50 times I decided the two would go great together. This is the result. Naturally it opens with Yuna wearing her 'pop star' dresssphere.

    Basically the video focuses on Yuna (I challenge someone to make an FFX-2 video that doesn't), but frankly if there's one angle that's played out in FFX/X-2 AMVs it's the romance, so that isn't the primary focus of the video (at least that was my intention! tell me what you think). Instead it just focuses on Yuna's journey, her companions and dealings with mistaken identities. :P I did attempt to make a few visual jokes (my sister laughed), so you can see what you think. There are three shots from FFX in here; my original idea was to feature way more FFX footage, but as I went along I realized I didn't need it to do what I wanted.

    I loved editing this video, but it was very much a learning by doing process. I definitely think the end of the video is a lot better put together than the beginning, and there are places where the syncing is absolutely tight and places where it gets a little loose. Some of this was dictated by the clips I used, some not. As usual, I used minimal digital effects. I didn't check lip syncing as a feature of this video because I did not set out to lip sync. The lip sync-esque appearance at points (especially in the beginning of the video) is just a serendipitious side benefit, but I'm quite pleased with it.

    I'd like to say a word about the transition effect I used in the middle of the second chorus. I don't know what happened with the clip I wanted to put in there originally, but it wouldn't play normally at all, and the transition was the best solution I could invent. It actually has the side benefit of looking somewhat intentional, and as this problem held up the video's being finalized for a month I was okay with that.

    I was extremely happy with this video, and I hope you will be too. Many thanks to,, and to Please leave an opinion (it is my first AMV).

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