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  • Member: InuyashaPunk
  • Studio: Angry Neko Productions
  • Title: Mew Mew's Against the World ~Nya
  • Premiered: 2005-03-01
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    • Play Us Against the World
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  • Comments: WOW!! Two videos in a week!!

    With the Gravitation Video finnished I quickly moved onto this AMV. I knew I wanted to do a Tokyo Mew Mew video and with ideas floating in my head I jumped on it. And this is what caame out. It took about two days to do this one. I tried even more lip syncing and video effects(not that I had many to choose from). I am hoping to produce two more videos in the near future, no garuntees though.

    Ok here are some things you need to know:
    ~The majority of the video I tried to do lip syncing. When it starts the lyric: "You know that boy I started to see..." from there to where it fades out to the girls talking on the roof is a dream type thing so I didn't want lip syncing there.

    ~All transformations and original attacks are included at the end of the video. Along with a few extras thanks to Kishu, Tartu, and Pai.

    ~"Whenever your near...." I felt that lyric described the relationship between Ichigo and the Blue Knight so that's why I placed it there. The scene that follows describes Ichigo's deep love and how she would give anything for Masaya.

    ~With only 39 eps to work with I am throughly pleased with the way this video came out. I keep finding small things that I would change but I'm not because I don't want to mess up the rest of the video.

    Anyway Enjoy and leave a comment!!

    This is a TOKYO MEW MEW video. As far as I am concerned Mew Mew Power doesn't exist. It sucks.

    Edit #2:
    (added because of a review) IF YOU DON'T LIKE SUBTITLES DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!! They are not that noticeable anyway. -_-**

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