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  • Members (5): smahut, Dark-Krystal, LCY84, olw, yonestie
  • Studio: S.M.A.H.U.T. inc.
  • Title: Into the fire
  • Premiered: 2005-02-28
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  • Song:
    • Thirteen senses Into the fire
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    Best Drama (Judges Choice) at FanimeCon 2005
    2nd at otafest 2005
    Drama & Romance Award at Anime Mid Atlantic 2005
    Runner-up at Animethon 2005 (sentimental/romance category)


    This video was created by all the main members of the Smahut Inc. (ie Dark-Krystal, LCY84, Nestie & Olw) in order to show something different and see how our editing isn't similar using the same song and the same anime. Well, I think a short chronological order should be better than a long description to explain what we made.

    3 months ago
    Nestie : "hey Laurent (LCY84), i've found a very good song i listened first time on a videogame music video i see on game one (famous video game chanel in france), this song is just amazing!"

    1 month later

    On Olw's car : Olw : "it's a pity! nestie doesn't want to participate to an iron chef and furthenmore he doesn't make a lot of amv :("
    LCY84 : "i thought about something new which could interest nestie : a non stop week editing with the same song and anime for all members, what do you think about this olw?"
    Olw : "hey very nice but i'm not sure nestie will accept this kind of challenge...."
    LCY84 : "don't worry, i will convince him ^^"

    at LCY84's home : LCY84"hey nestie, i have a new idea for a music video i think you should love this one : mix thirteen senses "into the fire" with the ovas of kenshin; the lyrics are perfect for this anime and the mabiance fits really well this series".
    Nestie : "Shit, i ve exactly the same idea and that's my song........ what s wrong with you laurent?!"
    LCY84 : "okay; well i think we should try to organize the smahut mix with this anime and song to make a short test, don't think?"

    ....LCY84 explaining to nestie the meaning of the smahut mix.....

    Nestie : "okay i'm in!"

    2 weeks before the deadline
    Dark-Krystal is also part of our project; now it's time to send him the vobs of kenshin ovas 1-4 because he hasn't the original dvd

    1week later
    Done; all the members have the song, the vobs and the avs file to keep the same proportions between our amvs and have exactly the same quality. Moreover the kenshin's dvd is blended so we must deblend this at the same manner otherwise the result will be scary.

    begining of the "iron chef"
    Starting for an editing week with this song and this anime, good luck to our champions ^^;

    One week later
    End of the challenge; now it's time to see all the versions of the amvs and take the best scenes to make the mixing between the videos in order to have the best amv.

    Okay, now it's done, the mix is complete and you can decide by yourself if this mix is a good one or not.

    In order to do a comparaison, you can dl Olw's seasons amv, DK's In The Ashes amv, nestie's isshougai no koubai amv, and LCY84's burning flesh amv,

    XviD1 (compatible DivX50)
    Lame mp3 192 kbps CBR
    Please prefer the local link which has a much better quality than the direct link.

    Have fun ;)

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