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  • Member: downwithpants
  • Studio: Drunken Panda Productions
  • Title: A Friend In Me
  • Premiered: 2005-02-28
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    • Michael Jackson Ben
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    Pretty slow video. Very slow song. Meant for when you're in a relaxed mood.

    Editing Notes
    I spent way much more time than I wanted to on this. A lot of hours went into really really trivial things like getting the flow right so that the scenes don't move by too quickly, and other things you're not supposed to be able to see. Editing was very music-oriented. I was mainly trying to capture the emotions evoked by each chord and chord progression, with lesser (albeit more time-consuming) adjustments to preserve flow and plot. I liked how it came out in the middle sections, but I thought the beginning or ending [which are supposed to be the parts most crucial to reviewability] were ... disengaging. And I don't know how to make them better.

    However, this video really taught me a lot about editing in avisynth. The video was pretty much done half in windows movie maker, half in avisynth (anywhere you see layering was done in avisynth). The stuff I learned became useful for my AMV Hell 3 segment, which was completely edited in avisynth (though conceptualized in WMM).

    Rainbowing was fun to get rid of. oh yeah, forgot that text doesn't convey sarcasm. mfrainbow worked the best at getting rainbows, but i had to reduce the scene detection to 1 and the strength to 128 because it also happens to turn slightly chromatic areas into pure grays. I was trying to avoid using mftoon to clean and sharpen the video, because it seemed to make a lot of solid color areas look very liquidy, and it tends to smudge over thin lines. But I ended up using it anyways, because I couldn't get it to look as nice without it. So have fun watching my puddles of goopy goodness. god that sounds so sexy i gotta remember that one.

    Really the song was the inspiration for the entire idea. I never really wanted to do another Hitomi-Van Romance (R) but it fit the song best. I first heard the song on the Simpsons episode 7F24: Stark Raving Dad, when a Michael imitator (voiced by "John Jay" *wink wink) sang a segment of the song in the insane asylum to soothe Homer. It was a very sweet song (a modified segment of "Ben"), and I think Michael sings it better as an adult than when he did as a child. But there are no clean recordings of him singing the song as an adult, so I just used the recording from his childhood.

    The song was actually written for the movie Willard, if you're interested. It was actually originally sung to a rat. A rat named Ben. So yeah, no rats this time. Instead, Van (name actually somewhat sounds like Ben) is the target of the lyrics and Hitomi is trying to soothe him.

    Several Hitomi-Van Romances (R) helped shape the flow of the song, namely Glory of Love, For Every Dream, Fly. I was again trying to use modulating transparency like Chemicals Between Us, and again came way short of how well it was done in that video.

    Format: AVI
    Bitrate: 1770 kbps
    Duration: 2:46
    Codec: DivX-5 compatible Xvid 1.0.2
    Filesize: 39.2MB

    Feedback appreciated.

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