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  • Member: Hakura
  • Studio: Otaku Productions
  • Title: X - Children of Fate
  • Premiered: 2002-02-23
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    • Nobuo Uematsu Liberi Fatali
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    **This is a VERY dark video. Due to X being a dark set anime this video is dark. Not just the theme of it but the actual "video" is dark. The images a lot of them are black so it's best to watch this video IN THE DARK (No I'm not a freak it's true) beacuase the surronding light might cause you not to be able to see the video.)**

    Ok well I finally did it! It's done! After 3 months it done ^^

    This video contains footage from X the movie and the X TV series OVA. So if you have not seen them there are spoilers. (What video of mine doesn't have spoilers :p)

    Onces again this is mainly a drama video...however I tried my hand at a song that changed from dramatic to action so's got action at the end ^^ And in my opinion it turned out AWSOME!! Hehehehe....

    The video focuses mainly on Kamui and Fuuma but there is other character and elements in the video, but I'm not telling all of it :P You have to download it to see.

    Ok well this video I tried some fast editing with lots of strobe ligh effects so if you have a problem with flashing light this has seizure inducing goodness. ^^

    Some points to look out for in the video are the imagery in the begining of the video and the way that the video stops and goes with the music.

    The song I chose is almost insturmental but there are vocals in it, but it's in Latin. I put a tanslation of the lyrics at the end of the song so that you can know what was going on ^^

    Other then that I REALLY love this video and it's quickly become my favorites.

    The video is ment to see a mood, it'smeaning is more artistic and hidden behind what you see in the video.

    Anyway please if you are interested download the video and leave a review if you have a comment on it ^^


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