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  • Member: InuYashaRocks1111
  • Studio: *Kiss My Gluteus* Productions
  • Title: click me! CLICK ME! click me... NOW!!!!
  • Premiered: 2005-02-25
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    • Gravitation Yuki no Theme
    • Westlife When You're Looking Like That
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  • Comments: Yep... another project! lol.. What can I say - the're addictive. Make your schoolwork more fun! The other one actually got much better replies then I expected...

    Anyway, this one is suppossed to be a commercial for my Italian class... a 6 minute commercial. It's 2 minutes short with the credits - which I cut out to reduce file size - but o well. Who ever heard of a 6 minute commercial?! Or even a four minute commercial! Seriously...

    Anyway, so we were supposed to make up a product.. then get a group of three ppl and make a commercial for one of the products. Either act it out or make a movie.. so I did this, of course... We chose my product 'cause it was easiest. It's RaiPill - it's supposed to make you happy. :-D

    So anyway, the three ppl are me, n my friends Krsitina and Miranda. The three characters are Winry from FMA (me), Riku from DNAngel (Miranda) and Candy from Candy Candy (Kristina). I chose Candy as one fo the characters 'cause we're actually watching Candy Candy in our Italian class.. in Italian.. -_- so even though the quality kinda totally sux, I thoght it'd get us some extra points =D lol... Riku and Winry were random choices.

    Anyway, last project was mostly lip sync practice. Here I was a little lazy - time limit.. so I was cheap on some of the lip sync.. you'll probably notice but my class won't. Mostly I practiced cutting people out.. fun! Lol.. Well exxcept the part where I cut out part of Riku's hair.. but o well, time limit.. too lazy to fix it. But a combination of Vegas and Photoshop does it! =]

    Anyway, as this is for my Italian class.. it is obviously.. in Italian. So here is a copy of the script I used... if you speak Italian there are probably some mistakes on it.. especially 'cause I used on online translator.. but this is the script afta my teacher corrected it.. so if you find any mistakes.. lmao... anyway here enjoy and please leave an opinion.. I can still fix it before I give it in on Monday, so if you find anything I can fix please tell me and I'll try to do so if I have time - I have like 3 other projects! Junior year SUCKS!!! If you're just gonna download and bitch that it sucks and its in italian n not an amv.. well that'll be fun to read! lol.. well here's the script and enjoy!

    Into – “when you’re looking like that (like that…) yeah…”
    -Sad Ed
    -Sad Daisuke
    -Sad Candy
    -Sad Chise

    ~Lip Sync~
    Riku: Hey Candy, what’s the matter? - Ciao, Candy, che cosa succeede?

    Candy: I’m not very happy right now - Non sono molto felice ora...

    Winry: Why not? - Perche no?

    Candy: I’m alone and sad - Sono solo e triste

    Riku: Well, why don’t you try the RaiPill!! - Bene, perche` non provi il RaiPill!!

    Candy: RaiPill?

    Winry: Yeah the RaiPill. - Si, il RaiPill.

    Candy: What’s that? - Che cosa e`?

    Riku: It’s the best thing in the universe! – E` la cosa migliore nell'universo!

    Winry: It will make you happy! Happy! - Sarai felice`! Felice`!

    Riku: Guaranteed to work 100% - Garantito per funzionare al cento percento!

    Candy: Really? - Realmente?

    Winry: Yes! - Si!

    Candy: It sounds awesome! How does it work? - Suona stupefacente! Come funziona?

    Riku: Just take one pill a day – Prendere una pillola al giorno…

    Winry: And you’ll be happy! - E sarete felice!

    Candy: Does it really work? - Siete sicuri che funziona?

    Riku:You want to see? - Desiderate vedere?

    Candy: Can I? - Posso?

    Winry: Sure! Just look at all these people! - Sicuro! Guarda giusto a tutte queste persone!

    Riku: They all took it - Tutti hanno preso

    Winry: They were sad… - Erano tristi...

    Riku: But now they’re happy - Ma adesso sono felici!

    Candy: Really? Let me see! - Realmente? Desidero provare!

    ~Happy World! Clip~
    Winry: This guy’s life is horrible. - Vita di questo ragazzo e` orrenda.

    Riku: He has horrible luck. – E` sfortunato.

    Candy: Yep, looks like it… - Si, quello sembra cosi...

    Winry: I mean just look at him! – Besta guardarlo.

    Riku: Poor boy! - Povero ragazzo!

    ~Angelic Layer screen cap w/ RaiPill bottle~

    Candy: Wow he seems different now. – Sembra diverso addesso.

    Winry: Yes, he’s happy! - Si, lui e` felice.

    Riku: Very happy! - Molto felice.

    Winry: Just look at him. – Guardalo.

    Riku: See? He smiled! – Vedi? Sorride!

    ~Lip Sync~
    Candy: Amazing ! Show me more! - Stupendo! Mostro mi di piu`!

    Winry: OK, here! - Va bene, ecco!

    Riku: Look at this dude. - Guarda questo tizio.

    ~Ed sad clip – epi 17~
    Candy: Awww… he looks so sad. - Awww... sembra triste.

    Winry: That’s because he hasn’t tried the Rai Pill! – Qusto’ e` perche` non ha provato la RaiPill.

    Riku: It’s the cure for all your sadness. – E` la cura per tutta la vostra tristezza.

    Candy: Did Rai Pill make him happy? - RaiPill lo ha reso felice?

    Winry: Totally did! – Grandioso!

    Riku: I mean, just look at him! – Guardalo!

    Winry: Happy!! – Felicissimo!

    ~Lip Sync~
    Candy: Ok, I want it! - Va bene, io la provo!

    Riku: Fantastic! - Fantastico!

    Candy: Yes, I want it!! - Si, voglio!

    Winry: The RaiPill! - La RaiPill!

    Riku: Buy it now! - Comprala ora!

    Candy: It’ll make all your dreams of happiness come true! - Farà tutti i vostri sogni di felicità realta!

    ~The End~

    Note... the Happy World clip - I originally planned to leave the sound in, but there was some codec problem wit vegas.. vegas has many problems as it seems to have decided that the 'new project file' button is now the 'restart computer' button.. -_- so yeah..

    also, if no one got it.. the "when you're looking like that..." as the beggining is suppossed to equate to "when you're feeling so sad..." or "when you're lookin so sad.." whichever.. its a timewaster lol

    and yes the sound quality is the same as in the last vid.. i dun really have any sound editing software... jsut vegas n my recorder lol

    EDIT: got a 100!! whooo! teach said it was the best project she saw yet hahaha whoo yay to anime projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEE!!

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