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  • Member: Omega Goku
  • Studio: Omega Productions
  • Title: Farewell to the DB Trilogy
  • Premiered: 2005-02-24
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    • Eminem Mocking Bird
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  • Comments: Well this is an updated comment that I want to leave if you haven't seen this video yet. This is basiclly a goodbye to all those years that I and perhaps you who's reading this watched the legendary anime
    Dragon Ball Z.

    This video all takes place in the last episode of Dragonball GT. To me all the DBZ characters are like a big family and nothings more important then family. When a member of your family dies that you loved you are obviously sad(and in the real world we don't have dragonballs to bring them back) This is a unquie concept that I tried, to use Eminem's emotional side to bring that sadness to this video.

    I've had a lot of opinions for this and some are good and some are bad(the bad mostly say this video is overated) But most of the viewers enjoyed this video.

    Don't hate this video just because it's a DBGT video they maybe everywhere but it's still worth a watch.

    I tried to make it emotional but I donít know how that went, for me I was upset that the show ended. So go ahead and download it, who know's you might like it.

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