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  • Member: DarkValo
  • Title: Silver Wings
  • Premiered: 2005-02-23
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  • Song:
    • Jade from Sweetbox 1000 Words
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  • Comments: I decided to give the whole Tidus and Yuna AMVs a rest for a little while although I did use some FFX-2 footage in this AMV.

    But do expect a few more T&Y AMVs from me in the future ^^

    I got the idea for this AMV will watching the 1000 words scene in FFX-2 and thought that it would make a good AMV using Yuna and Lenne as 'popstars' singing about other people, in this case Rinoa and Squall from FFVIII

    I took the song out of the game as I wanted to use the sound effects in the video. I also left in some sound effects from FFVIII clips. I really think this adds to the feeling of the video.

    Anyway as always, feedback is nice but I'm not pushy ^^


    Ok I just want to get a few things clear for people.

    Please DON'T play my AMVs at full screen or any other screen!! They are not meant to be played in another other format other than the size they are, if you do they WILL look pixelated and I'm getting really sick of nasty quick comments!!!

    Also read all the info about the AMV instead of leaving nasty quick comments it may explain why this/that was in the AMV.

    I don't mind criticisms but only if they ARE constructive!!!

    Thank you

    EDIT: Ok enough! NO QUICK COMMENTS PLEASE! I'm sick of children using them so please don't use quick comments for my AMVs. If you have something to say write a comment!

    This message will be put in every AMV I have made.
    Thank you

    To the person who left a quick comment on the 15th March, you sir are a fricking coward and a MORON!!!

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