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  • Member: 1stAgent
  • Studio: FirstAgent Productions
  • Title: Muska the Dreamer
  • Premiered: 2005-03-11
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  • Song:
    • South Park Movie OST Up There
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  • Comments: Winner- NoBrandCon 4 AMV Contest
    Finalist- Best Comedy- Anime Central 2005 AMV Contest

    A disturbing twist on the traditional Laputa "dreaming of ascension" video, this one starring the evil red guy. Featuring a sentimental ballad by a different evil red guy.

    "Up There" is my favorite song from the South Park movie (the best animated musical in a long time) and Laputa is my favorite Miyazaki film. As you would expect, they go very well together. Furthermore, neither are lighting up the AMV charts; Laputa has remarkably few videos dedicated to it and I only found one other video on the entire site using "Up There." For shame...

    My goal in the video was to present Muska as a lonely dreamer, with Sheeta as his only company. And while she is blessed with being pure of heart, he's an evil scumbag. But as things turn ugly in the lonely fortress, he realizes that being evil means that disaster equals opportunity! Isn't it great when everybody learns a lesson?

    I think I'm far enough down where I can admit that this is my first anime video (not counting a project I did for a soccer team last year where I snuck an instrumental of the Kare Kano ending as background music). Although I have a ton of ideas, I chose to do this one first because I knew it would be a good one to get my feet wet with: A concept-driven video that doesn't rely on effects, using a single movie and a relatively short song. And while I quickly discovered that it was lip synch-or-die for this video, we all gotta learn sometime. But my computer and Premiere held up well and I survived my crash course in capturing and endoding video. I suppose it helped having a progressive source. :)

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