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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: The Promise
  • Premiered: 2005-02-21
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    • Placebo My Sweet Prince
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  • Comments: This video turned out better then I expected. I was thinking of sending it to a few contests, but it really is much better if people know Utena to fully appreciate it. The video changed as I was working on it. It was just going to be a video about Touga and Utena, but it really became all about how Utena is 'the one'. So the video becomes about Utena having to save Anthy, and the whole 'promise' she made, and the ring, etc... It's a simple video with a simple concept IF you know Utena, otherwise it's rather abstract.

    Sent it to Fanime and didn't make the finals...however at the overflow it got a good reaction from other creators, so I sent it on to other conventions....well one other... OnnaFest 2005, where I figured they would appreciate and know Utena. They annouced the results on the forums and read that I tied for 2nd place in the Romance/Sentimental category, and I was happy, then I scroll further down to see I took Best Overall. I'm shocked, but SOOO proud of this little video. When I look back at the video, it's VERY powerful. So thank you to those who voted for the video at OnnaFest 2005!. (I'll have it on the website later tonight Oct. 11th 2005).

    The concept of the video... Touga IS the one singing. It's about how Utena is his Prince, she is the Prince, she is 'The One'. That beyond it all she has to remember that she is 'the one', and 'the promise' (thus the title) she made long before. You'll notice in the video when he is saying 'remember', you get flashes of Anthy and things from the past. There is a hint that Anthy is also sort of 'singing' the song but she isn't. Touga is not only the support to Utena, but he's also the audience. The line I love is 'Never thought you'd fuck with my brain', and the corresponding image. Because it is the point in the series where things are turned on their ear. That at that point in the song, it's not Utena that Touga is singing about but Anthy. It comes out of the blue, all of the sudden.

    The 'Dragon' is Siounji, green works. The 'valuable' friend is Akio. Touga losing Utena to him, and yet, it's still all her destiny.

    There is one scene that I'm very happy about. That's when you see Utena in reflection and then as the words say 'you are the one', it comes into focus on Anthy's eye, looking out threw her glasses. Just adds some dark element to the video. Touga may be singing, but it's Anthy who has her hopes in Utena. Then the other scenes I really enjoy are the merry-go-round which is never really used in Utena videos, but the music and everything worked with it. It doesn't make sense, and yet it does. Just adds another 'creepy' factor to the video. The sword getting stuck deeper is also a very powerful piece of music. (And reinforced the whole 'fucked up' part incase you missed it earlier). It really wraps up with Utena being the one to rescue Anthy, saving her from falling off the building. She is 'the one' to do it. I really wanted to end the video like the Manga, where Touga and Anthy are the only two who realize that Utena succeeded, but you really need the words, and just wouldn't have worked. So instead I end it with Utena seeming to fail (loosing her grip on Anthy), but those who know the series know it's not a tragic ending as it appears. But what ever. Just enjoy the video.

    Oh...this is another video that I blame the music on my little sister for. (The other video that is my little sister's fault is CSS.)

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