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  • Member: ssgwnbtd
  • Studio: Tophat Monkey Productions
  • Title: Augen
  • Premiered: 2005-02-18
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    • Fantomas Rosemary's Baby
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  • Comments: *** The video can now be downloaded at:
    (I tried to make it a link but the org said it wasn't valid.)

    This is an extremely violent music video that was still allowed into Katsucon based on artistic merit. It won a Judge's Special Achivement [sic] award there.

    Spoilers below! Watch the vid first!

    Elfen Lied the anime is extremely boring most of the time and then someone's fingers fly off. I felt this matched well with the theme of the song Rosemary's Baby by Fantomas. The film the song is based on is very dry for the first half and then a quick scene of shock horror followed by more static, musicless scenes followed by the shocking ending. I wanted the amv to reflect the film with lengths of time where nothing interesting happens and then someone's head pops off. I also wanted to use the bizarre scenes in which a character's wife (she is never named) walks with a bleeding stomach, having already given birth earlier in the day, and falls onto her husband smearing blood down his suit. This connects with the horror of the unknown during pregnancy that was used so effectively in the film. There is also a parallel between the mother protecting the pink haired baby and Rosemary accepting her baby.

    The lyrics of the song reflect back onto Elfen Lied as well. I matched "What.. have they done.. to.. its eyes" to one of the central devices used in Elfen Lied. Lucy's eyes change from a large, cute style to a smaller, angry killer eye style. It is difficult to see this in the video the first time if you haven't seen the series, as it jumps from character to character.

    There are so many similarities between Elfen Lied and Rosemary's Baby it was impossible for me to pass up the opportunity to make this video, and I'm glad it was able to be shown at Katsucon. As a side note, the Elfen Lied manga started in 2002 and the first Pokemon movie came out in 1999.

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