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  • Member: MahouShojoStudios
  • Studio: Mahou Shojo Studios
  • Title: Revolutionary Excalibur
  • Premiered: 2002-02-23
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    • Pain Excalibur
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  • Comments: Director's (Nicki's) Comments:
    It was so much fun doing our first video! I must say that I am very satisfied with the way it came out. Better still, I can only imagine future videos being even better.
    As for the video itself, a lot of it came naturally from the song's lyrics. Some sections were a little tough to find footage that would flow well and these took a bit more time and Dan made all the instrumental parts beautiful ^_^

    Editor's (Dan's) Comments:
    This video was a lot of fun for me as well. It was great to only have to think of the video from a technical perspective, because I've found that I tend to get a little too stressed out when dealing with editing techniques and meaning to the song all at the same time. Nicki had some really great ideas for this video, and I made those ideas look pretty in video format (or at least I tried to, you be the judge).

    Technical Notes (Dan again):
    The Good:
    1-We had to make a lot of people in this video shut up, (or, in other words, we had to make mouths stop moving) which came out rather well for the most part.
    2-We had to edit out many of the subtitles. I know what you're thinking, "But, the quality's so good they look like DVD-rips." Well, you're right they are DVD-rips, but there was no way to rip any stream from the DVD that did not have the lyrics for the songs played during all of the fight scenes. Many of the subtitles I just cropped out so that they couldn't be seen, but there were a few frames that I got Nicki to paint out the subtitles. (look for Shiori with the flower)
    3-When introducing the characters Nicki thought it would be a good idea to use the "rose frames" from the show. Many of the characters didn't have poses we liked whenever a rose border appered over them, (Utena didn't have any except when she's a kid and the only one Touga had included Anthy in the shot) so I added them, over better scenes where they should have had "rose frames" in the first place! :)
    4-Making Touga and Anthy sing along was quite a feat as well. Nicki painted the areas around Touga and Anthy from the original clips blue. (That was 4 frames she had to edit with Photoshop.) Then I added the idvidual frames we had in the right order and I put a transparency filter over it.
    The Bad:
    1-Watch when Utena pulls the sword out of Anthy. In the close up shot where Utena usually says, "Grant me the power to revolutionize the World!" I made it appear as though her mouth was not moving. If you look closely though, you'll see that the shimering lines of light don't match up when they cross over her mouth. I'm sorry. :(
    2-In the scenes where the rose frames were added in there was some residual image left over from the original scene that the rose frames were taken from.

    (And Nicki will never let me write this part again in any of our future videos, because I've talked for far, far too long.)

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