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  • Member: AniHawk
  • Title: Cowboy Bebop Everlong Redux
  • Premiered: 2005-02-16
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    • Foo Fighters Everlong
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  • Comments: Well this is it. My first video since 2003, and my sixth overall. Cowboy Bebop Everlong Redux is a remake of my second music video that can be found here.

    Updates include:
    *Better sound
    *Better video quality
    *An actual story
    *New scenes
    *Better editing

    It's still not perfect, but it's as good as I see it getting this way. Cowboy Bebop Everlong was basically a serious action video created specifically to the music of the song and almost ignoring the lyrics entirely (just using the vocals as cues). Now, the lyrics are a driving force of the video, but still not the main one. I've gotten rid of most of Faye (except for the intro, which I just personally enjoyed), and Jet. The lyrics focus on the classic story of Julia/Spike/Vicious, and there are musical cues throughout that help push it along as well. Not entirely original, but better than what originally was. Scenes were added to flesh out the story and extend Vicious's narrative at the beginning (where it was simply disjointed in CBE, in Redux, it makes sense in the context of the show).

    Oh, and there's a bit of subtitling going on like in the first one. However, where the first one had it just for filler, this time I intentionally left it there to help move the story along.

    Anyhow, enough of my apologizing ahead of time, and onto the video. I hope you enjoy it.

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