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  • Member: Epochof7
  • Studio: Seven7h S7ep Productions
  • Title: Snow Covered Dreams
  • Premiered: 2002-04-26
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    • Linkin Park My December
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  • Comments: *Winner Best Drama at Fanime 2002!*

    Thanks to Devolution, this video's now hosted!!! Though, i'd like to note that NO DOWNLOAD ACCELERATORS SHOULD BE USED WHATSOEVER!!!


    ~~~Older info about this video~~~
    What an accomplishment! *whew* I managed to complete the first cut in only 3 days! By far one of my most effects-barren videos to date... the only effects I really used were luminance filters, gaussian blurs, and some opacity tweaking! I guess it was just meant to be for it to fit so well :)

    I really tried to replicate the feeling of the series, and tell a story, so while some of the sequences are in chronological order, I would like to remind all future reviewers that it required no less editing. :)

    Normally most of the story-based AMVs I've done have centered on a non-major plot point that I felt needed more accentuation, but this follows the key storyline, and thus I feel does not present a real new twist to the story... Regardless, it's heart-wrenching enough (At least IMO), so I consider it a job well done =P

    I've really set out to make this video both accessable to those who haven't seen the Kenshin OAVs (And thus provide a spoiler that will make people want to see it really badly), and be true to the plot, so I don't get a horde of Kenshin fans crying for my skull on a stick.

    So far, both anime fans and regular people *gryn* both really like it.... the Kenshin fans I've shown it too so far feel like I'm keeping true to the story, and the people who hate anime seem to like visuals and timing too! One (Out of 3) was able to guess the story too! :D


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