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  • Member: keeso
  • Studio: FoxWorm Studios
  • Title: Insane Brother
  • Premiered: 2005-02-13
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    • Apocalyptica Farewell
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    EXperience 1st AMV contest:
    -2nd Place in EXperience 1st; "Commentary: Very good and long video. It seems popular - 50 opinions received! Congratulations! Overall: 9.6"-

    Neko Studios 1st AMV contest:
    -Best Instrumental-

    Well well again.. Well this is my second amv in this year, well my last amv wasnt even amv. It was something else, i made it just too fast, so it came out badly. I`m really happy for the result, only bad thing in this amv is probably video quality, it isnt perfect, cause i didnt use dvd footage. I cannot afford to buy them. They are really expensive, all tenjou tenge dvds would be over 100 euros or dollars.. :D No way that i could buy them xD. This is absolutely my longest amv this far. It is almost 6 minutes long.. :D

    Now some information about this amv:


    Well, "why i used apocalyptica`s music again?"
    1. I really enjoy to listen their music.
    2. Their newest album came out about a month ago.
    3. It is finnish band ^^
    I choosed this song (farewell), cause it had right name for my amv. And i think that this song was the best song that they used in their new album. It is quite sad and really long song. There werent that great as there were in their second album. Anyway i used 3 different song in this amv:

    Intro= Apocalyptica - Until it sleeps
    Actual amv= Apocalyptica - Farewell
    Outro= Masterplan - Enlighten me

    My song cant be overused cause it is really new and its quite rare. So please give some extra originality points ^^


    Again my great friend Juzu said that maybe i should start to watch tenjou tenge, first i refused and i said: " it sucks, there is no way that i could watch that lame anime." I just have to say: people watch this anime if you want to saw beatiful womens and great battles. I used in my amv main character mayas brothers scenes. Shin is really enjoyable and insane person so decided to make and amv, where is his "unusual" life. But ill tell more about his life in amv info. There is a lot of great characters in this amv especially mitsuomi etc.. Im glad that there will be second season.


    "Insane brother" = i used that title cause i think shin is really crazy and dangerous person. You will see how insane he is in my amv.


    Well story goes like this;

    Maya is that white long haired woman in my intro, she starts to think what happened years ago between her and her brother. She starts from that where all those three "best" friends (miysuomi, shin, bunchini) are standing in snow rain. Then Mitsuomi gets an video from shin`s girlfriend and he and bunchini decides to watch it. In that video is all shin`s important child memories. One day Maya gets an dangerous sword and she decides to show it to her brother (shin). Shin touches it and their father puts shin in to a jail. Where he saw really weird and scary things. After few moths his father decides to get shin out of the prison. And shin kills his father and mother for a revenge. After that Maya and Shin have been together all the time. One day maya met a interesting guy called mitsuomi and shin gets mad. Shin randomly kill few human in park, and shin`s best friend(bunchini) gets pissed and tried to stop him. Bunchini kicks crap out of shin and both of them wake up in hospital. After that shin kills even more people, cauce he tries to protect maya. Mituomi gets pissed and he want to kill shin. And i dont want to spoil how this end. Well this is just short story that what happened in my amv.

    Other info:

    -Adobe Premier pro
    -Adobe Photoshop
    -other ..

    Time that i spent: Almost 3 weeks and in hours, the number could be near 80.

    Well this is my longest amv this far, sorry about that. I think that all tenjou tenge fans will be happy.
    I want that this will be the best tenjou tenge amv in this site :) Maybe it is impossibe.

    This amv will be also direct downloadable soon.

    Dont say that you hate this anime or this amv is too long :) Please dont or i will be really mad to you :I

    Opinion are always welcome. Enjoy or hate it.

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