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  • Member: MissIndigo
  • Studio: Cytochrome P450
  • Title: Keitaro's Nutcracker Audition
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Suite Op. 71A--Russian Dance
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  • Comments: You have to admit with the way Kei gets kicked around so much, no doubt he's developed some creative ways to deal with the airtime. He twists, he turns, he crashes and burns.

    Makes him a perfect candidate for the Bolshoi no doubt. ^_^

    I have taken clips that show Kei in any one of several graceful maneuvers; take your pick. While there is not a highly structured order to them, I have tried to capture Kei in some of his more clumsy moments airborne, and then progressed them to more sophisticated maneuvers. Since this is his Nutcracker audition, I've of course included some of his best attempts at dancing from the Christmas special at the end of this video, as the music is heading toward its crescendo.

    This was more or less a fun experiment for me, compiled and edited all in one (sleepless) night. I had intended to make this a video where I would alternate clips of figure skaters doing moves similar to what Kei can do, with an announcer calling the program. (I am a skater myself.) As I collected my clips, though, the ballet theme seemed more approrpriate. I have a preliminary finished version now; it still needs some tweaking for timing and footage but overall I'm happy with it.

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