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  • Member: Kikoro
  • Title: A Hunter's Requiem
  • Premiered: 2005-02-11
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    • Clint Mansell Lux Aeterna (LOTR: The Two Towers Mix)
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  • Comments: This is my third AMV. I've had this idea in my head for the longest time and finally decided to do it. Ever since i heard the song on the trailer to the Two Towers i thought, i had to use this in a music video. I thought Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust would be perfect.
    I actually shortened the song i used, mainly because i wanted to submit it to the Anime North AMV contest. and it has to be under 6 minutes, and this song is over that. I think it came together nicely.
    In the video i was trying to tell the storyline of the i kinda made a really long trailer. ^_^ The first part of the video is really slowly paced, so i tried to tell the story a bit. Then the second part which is really fast paced, i put in all the action in the movie. The fight scenes ect. I really like how it ends, and im really proud of how it all came togther.


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