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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: Lift Me Up
  • Premiered: 2005-02-09
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    • The Benjamin Gate Lift Me Up
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  • Comments: This is a fun Fushigi Yuugi vid I put together over the past month and a half. It's about Miaka and Tamahome, but I meant for it to be more of a fun/upbeat video than a romance. The theme is about how Miaka is "far away from home" and in a different world, and even though she misses her friends and family, she's not alone because Tamahome is with her. I wasn't a huge fan of Fushigi Yuugi when I watched it, but I love this song, so I felt the video had to be made. ^_~

    I didn't do too many complex effects or anything, but I did do some frame-by-frame editing to keep some of the characters' mouths shut in scenes where they were moving. And I did a lot of blurs again in this video. I tried to keep the number of effects down, though.

    I like this video because it's happy. ^_^


    Seeing through a hole in time
    Looking at this world of mine
    All the words we've had to say
    All the dreams to light the way.
    It's been fine though we've been apart
    But it's only just begun
    Far away from home
    But baby I'm not alone

    Lift me up
    Turn me around
    I'm gonna get my feet off the ground
    Lift me up
    Turn me around

    Sunrises in black and blue
    Sunsets say I love you too
    You said I had strength to stand my ground
    Said I had wings to fly
    Far away from home
    But baby I'm not alone

    And everyday away hurts a little more
    But every day away is easy to ignore

    Enjoy, and please leave opinions. ^_~

    Contest Participation:

    *Winner of Best Drama at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2005
    *Finalist at Anime Boston 2005 (Romance Category)
    *Winner of Best Romance at Anime Evolution 2005

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