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  • Member: Minion
  • Studio: Minion AMVs
  • Title: Sasuke and Naruto
  • Premiered: 2005-01-27
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    • Beavis and Butthead Beavis' "never gonna score" speech
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  • Comments: the first amv im actually entering in a contest. i've already submitted it to megacon 2005.
    sorry for the large blocks at the beginning of the vid. the version at megacon won't be like that. that just happened because i used xvid to compress it small enough to put on
    the megacon version was done with indeo, but the video quality is probably not as good as the xvid version (this version).
    this was the longest i've spent on an amv yet. I started this in november, and finished it towards the end of january. Thats just the video though. I edited the audio and made the opening logo before that.
    i believe i came up with the idea for this vid sometime before AFO (2004).
    audio editing done with audacity. video editing done with pinnacle 7. image editing done with PS and MS paint (mostly paint though. not joking. i'm a master at MS paint)

    list of what i used:
    ms paint
    adobe photoshop 7
    dvd decrypter
    virtual dub
    pinnacle 7

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