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  • Member: Zerophite
  • Studio: Otaku Productions
  • Title: Come to Daddy (Bear Mix)
  • Premiered: 2002-04-27
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    • Aphex Twin Come To Daddy
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  • Comments: A while back, Chris Cunningham made a video to this song that scared the crap out of my when I was in 8th grade. This is how I honor Aphex Twin and C.C.

    Well, the video hit the people the way I wanted it to ^__^. It most likely came very far from winning at the Sakura Con 02', but that wouldn't have filled me with as much joy. I got the responses from people as I wanted. When it kicked into the slow part, I heard things like "whaa?" "What the fuck?" and it alone made me happy ^__^. I later had people question my sanity for making the that was great in itself. I loved it, and the all out comments I got from people made it so no award could top what I got ^__^.

    I love this video. It never looses it's feel. In the remake, I took the short little soundclip from the actual video where the lady comes in and says:

    "The flowers that bloom, in the warm of the sun, are there to be loved by everyone."

    and I added that into the video to make it more than just the song that everyone knows on the CD.

    Any questions? Comments? E-mail me or send me an instant message (ZeroTwoism).

    And remember, this IS a remake of my old one. So don't review this unless you have seen the one about 3:30 long. Thanks ^__^


    Received an Honorable Mention at Otakon 2002 under the "Action" category
    Won "Best Editing" in the Martyr Productions AMV Contest
    Won "Best Horror" in the 2002 Viewers Choice Awards


    - Jesse

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