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  • Member: seabird
  • Studio: ~Hiro Kara Productions~
  • Title: Missing Person
  • Premiered: 2005-02-06
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    • Micheal W. Smith Missing Person
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  • Comments: "Missing Person" Video #1

    All right! This is my absolute very first AMV! I am quite proud because its better than a lot of other "first amvs" ive seen. I started it in January and only just got back to finishing it. It focuses mainly on Yami and how he is "searching" for Yugi (though in the actual anime it was more the other way around..). The beginning shows how they were seperated, and the end is of how they find each other again! The scenes with Yugi are seen as if it was a broken/unclear memory and then at the end he is no longer a memory, but a truth! YAY!

    The idea for the song i get from LoneWolf16, a fanfiction authoress, who included parts of the song in her fanfiction (which is VERY good i might add. Read it here!! ). Meh, hope she doesnt mind. I worked hard to make it as good as what she wanted to portray in her fanfiction (even if the circumstances were different).

    I only had seven high quality episodes of the Egypt Arc (aka, no subs and good picture), and since i didnt want to include any non relevant scenes or characters, duels, or scenes where someone was talking, I completely exhausted the episodes, even after chopping 2 minutes off the song. I hope it isnt too noticable. It will be if you've heard the song before *wince*. I also worked really hard to make sure there werent flashes of preceding scenes and the like, because they can be distracting and take away from the video's quality.

    Tools of the Trade: ........Windows Movie Maker (which i am NEVER using to make a music video AGAIN. It was WAY too slow and froze WAY too many times) and thats IT
    Hours: probably somewhere around 36...On the first day i worked till 4 AM and on the second to last day i worked until 2..(then it froze)
    Inspiration: LoneWolf16's Fanfiction, "Lethally Hot"

    Ive learned that a lot of Aggravation goes into making music videos so I hope you all enjoy it! ANY feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. I dont care if the video is a year old! Now, without further ado, "Missing Person" brought to you by ~Hiro Kara Productions~!

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